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Jim Rogers' Rogers International Commodity Index®

The Rogers International Commodity Index® (RICI®) is an international, diversified, and investable raw materials index developed by Jim Rogers.

Currently, the RICI® has thirty-seven commodities representing the energy, metals, and agricultural sectors, all of which have been specifically chosen to give a balanced representation of consumption patterns throughout the world. All the commodities in the RICI® are traded on regulated public futures exchanges around the world to insure ease of tracking and verification. The design of the Index was long term stability and has had relatively minor changes in its composition since it was officially released on August 1, 1998.

Why Invest with the Rogers International Commodity Index®?

  1. Constructed to represent worldwide commodity demand
  2. Broadest commodity index with 37 global commodities
  3. Diversified commodity exposure through three sectors: Energy, Metals, and Agriculture
  4. Employs no leverage and incorporates interest income
  5. Rebalanced monthly; most other commodity indices are rebalanced yearly
  6. Outstanding performance compared to other recognized commodity indices

The RICI® was created as a non-leveraged, total return index which means it is calculated based on ownership of fully collateralized futures contracts on the selected commodities. Therefore, the potential for returns comes from a combination of several sources; changes in commodity prices, the 90-day T-Bill rate on collateral, and the futures roll yield. This is similar to the construction of most other recognized total return commodity indices.


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Rogers International Commodity Index®

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